Lego® and other bricks in movies

3 Men and a Little Lady Movie, 1990 US

■■□□ Lego skyscraper on a desk

30 Rock TV Series, 2006-2009 US

■■■■ Liz and Jack build a Lego locomotive.

A Country Practice TV Series, 1981-1982 AU

■■■□ A kid is building a Technic car

A Killer Paradox (살인자ㅇ난감) TV Series, 2024 KR

■□□□ Lego sets seen in background among Badman collectibles

Äkta människor TV Series, 2012 SE

■□□□ Lego Pirates set on a table

American Housewife TV Series, 2016-2017 US

■■■□ Mom stepping on Lego bricks on the floor

Anna Holt - polis TV Series, 1996 SE

■■□□ Lego sets laying around

Ant-Man Movie, 2015 US

■■□□ A yellow brick is vacuumed at the same time as the main character

Antistrust Movie, 2001 US

■■□□ Computer screen cases built in bricks

Bassie en Adriaan en de geheimzinnige opdracht TV Series, 1992 NL

■■□□ VW Beetle from Legoland

Big Movie, 1988 US

■■□□ Lego displays seen in background in a toy fair.

Big Momma's House Movie, 2000 US

■□□□ Bricks seen amongst other toys in a box.

Blended Movie, 2014 US

■□□□ A mouse sculpture seen in background

Boule & Bill Movie, 2013 FR

■■□□ Lego versions of the main characters

Brice 3 Movie, 2016 FR

■■□□ Fake Lego set picturing the main character

Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Series, 2013-2014 US

■■■□ A cop destroys the Lego house built by another

Capeta Animation Series, 2005-2006 JP

■■■□ Set 2556 in an animation movie

Castaway Diva (무인도의 디바) TV Series, 2023 KR

■□□□ Bricks assembly seen on a desk

Cattle Call Movie, 2006 US

■■■□ Tyco's Lego-compatible telephone briefly seen.

Chronicle Movie, 2012 US

■■■■ Boys test their superpowers with Lego

Citizen Khan TV Series, 2012 UK

■■■■ A guy makes a mosque wedding plan in Lego

Date Night Movie, 2010 US

■■■□ A kid asks to his father to play Lego with him.

De kleine astronaut Movie, 2022 NL

■□□□ Robot key chain hanging in a car

Death Note (Desu Nôto) Animation Series, 2006-2007 JP

■■■□ One of the main characters used Lego Minifigs to symbolize protagonists in the various plots that went on in the show.

Desperate Housewives TV Series, 2004-2012 US

■■■□ A few basic parts taken by a character

Devious Maids TV Series, 2013-2016 US

■■□□ Kid falls on the floor while playing with Lego in his room

Elf Movie, 2003 US

■■■□ Main character creates Lego buildings for decoration.

Eric Church: Mr. Misunderstood Music Video, 2015 US

■□□□ Lego VW Bus seen in background

Extracurricular (인간수업) TV Series, 2020 KR

■■□□ A few Lego parts seen among batteries and other stuff

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우) TV Series, 2022 KR

■■■□ A child is playing with Lego, her father steps on a brick

Family Guy Animation Series, 1999-2020 US

■■■□ Lego references + scenes with 3D-rendered Lego-like figurines

Far Far Away (緣路山旮旯) Movie, 2021 HK

■■□□ Two official Lego sets are shown with their reference

Flushed Away Animation Movie, 2006 US

■■□□ Lego flowers and minifig head are seen.

Friends TV Series, 1994-2004 US

■■■□ Child making a small Duplo tower.

Für alle Fälle Stefanie TV Series, 1995 DE

■□□□ Lego pirate set seen on a shelf in background

Futurama TV Series, 1999-2010 US

■■□□ Brick-built version of the main characters

Futurama: Bender's Game Animation Movie, 2008 US

■■■□ Lego spaceship

Good Girls TV Series, 2018-2020 US

■■■□ Planning a heist with Lego

Grisjakten Movie, 1970 SE

■■■■ Lego used to explain a facility

Guys with Kids TV Series, 2012 US

■■□□ A few bricks seen on a table

Half Broken Things Movie, 2007 UK

■□□□ Red Lego bucket seen in background

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Movie, 1993 US

■□□□ Lego box visible on a shelf

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie, 1989 US

■■■□ Giant blue 2x4 Lego brick.

How I Met Your Mother TV Series, 2005-2007 US

■■■□ Giant building made by a child.

How to Be Movie, 2008 UK

■■■□ A boy is playing with bricks (maybe Lego).

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) TV Series, 2019 DE

■□□□ Set 10262 James Bond Aston Martin visible on a TV stand

I ragazzi della 3 C TV Series, 1987-1989 IT

■■■■ A few space sets and a large construction

It Movie, 2017 US

■■■□ A kid drops a turtle made out of Lego bricks

It's Okay to Not Be Okay (사이코지만 괜찮아) TV Series, 2020 KR

■■■□ A character buys a box of dinosaurus-themed construction bricks

James May's Toy Stories Non-fiction TV show, 2009 UK

■■■■ A complete house build out of Lego bricks.

Jingle All the Way Movie, 1996 US

■■□□ Lego display in a mall.

Johan Falk: De 107 patrioterna Movie, 2012 SE

■■■□ Kid rebuilding a police building

Keeping Up with the Joneses Movie, 2013 UK

■□□□ Duplo-like bricks in background

Knallerfrauen TV Series, 2011-2014 DE

■■□□ Lego seen in background on a shelf, then later a kid playing with them

Last Exit Schinkenstrasse TV Series, 2023 DE

■■■□ Custom build vehicle briefly involved

Le grand bazard Movie, 1973 FR

■■■□ Lego used to build a scale model of a supermarket.

Lichen Movie, 2012 AU

■■■□ Batman's Tumbler

MacGyver TV Series, 2016-2017 US

■□□□ Bricks used in a Christmas decoration

Maid TV Series, 2021 US

■■□□ Lego minifigures seen in an empty house

Malcolm in the Middle TV Series, 2000-2006 US

■■■■ Several towers built then destroyed / Bionicle sets briefly used

Mammas comeback Documentary, 2011 SE

■■■□ Close-up of some bricks

Manifest TV Series, 2018 US

■■■□ References to Lego sets

Men at Work Movie, 2012 US

■■■□ Tyco's Lego-compatible phone is briefly used

Modern Family TV Series, 2009-2010 US

■■□□ A box of bricks falls in the garage / A Lego mosaic is shown

Mr. Mercedes TV Series, 2017-2018 US

■□□□ Building bricks seen on a table

MythBusters Non-fiction TV show, 2003 US

■■■■ Giant ball built out of Lego bricks.

NCIS TV Series, 2003-2008 US

■■■□ Minifig used by a main character.

New Police Story Movie, 2004 HK

■■■□ Long scenes in a Lego exposition.

New Tricks TV Series, 2003-2013 UK

■■■■ Lego boat used to explain how drugs were smuggled.

Now You See Me Movie, 2013 US

■■■□ Building replica for heist planning.

Odd Shoe Movie, 2008 UK

■□□□ A few random parts on the groud

OK Go: This Too Shall Pass Music Video, 2010

■■■□ A Lego car is involved as one of the steps of a Rube Goldberg machine.

Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig Movie, 1979 DK

■■■■ Custom Lego Technic vehicle playing a role.

Our Idiot Brother Movie, 2011 US

■□□□ Duplo (?) seen on a shelf in background

Papa ou maman Movie, 2015 FR

■□□□ Technic helicopter and Architecture sets

Postal Movie, 2007 US

■■■□ Two small Lego towers seen amongst other toys on a desk.

Povodyr (Поводырь) Movie, 2001 BY

■□□□ Lego advertisement in a Belorussian mall

Primaire Movie, 2016 FR

■■■□ A kid knocks down a space shuttle model

Problem Child 2 Movie, 1991 US

■■■□ House replica made in Lego and destroyed.

Raising Dion TV Series, 2019 US

■■■■ A kid builds a large character with bricks

Room Movie, 2015 CA

■■■□ Kid playing with bricks

Route 132 Movie, 2010 CA

■□□□ Duplo box seen amongst other toys

Searching for Bobby Fischer Movie, 1993 US

■□□□ M:Ton box seen in background and some bricks on the ground.

Shameless TV Series, 2011 US

■■■□ Kid playing with Duplo

Siedlisko TV Series, 1998 PL

■■□□ Lego Technic crane

Silicon Valley TV Series, 2014-2018 US

■□□□ A small assembly of parts used on a plan + a box seen in background

Smurfs Movie, 2011 US

■■□□ Scene in a Lego store

Sonda Non-fiction TV show, 1977 PL

■■■■ Lego models sometimes used by hosts to popularize scientific and technical knowledge

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie, 2020 US

■■■□ A kid is building the Saturn V set

Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie US

■■■□ Guy dropping the Death Star set

Stargate SG-1 TV Series, 1997 US

■□□□ Set 6339 in a kid's room

Stolen Movie, 2009 US

■□□□ Lego train visible

Tatort - Absturz Movie, 2010 DE

■□□□ Lego Technic Mobile Crane seen on a desk

Tatort - Du bleibst hier Movie, 2023 DE

■■□□ Kid playing with Lego, an airplane is recognizable

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점) TV Series, 2007 KR

■■■■ Characters are playing with Lego.

The Big Bang Theory TV Series, 2007-2011 US

■■■■ Sheldon builds the Death Star and a police station set.

The Box Movie, 2009 US

■■■□ A kid is playing with vintage Lego

The Chestnut Man TV Series, 2021 DK

■■□□ Lego caravan seen under a bed

The Drummer and the Keeper Movie, 2017 IE

■■■■ A Lego obsessive builds a tower

The Flash TV Series, 2014-2018 US

■■■□ Lego diorama used to plan a challenge

The Indian in the Cupboard Movie, 1995 US

■■■□ Empty Lego box used

The Michael J. Fox Show TV Series, 2013 US

■■■■ The youngest son of M. J. Fox has lots of Lego bricks

The Middle TV Series, 2009-2012 US

■■■■ Lego bricks and sets are seen and used in several episodes

The Neighbors TV Series, 2012-2013 US

■■■□ A kid is playing with bricks on a table.

The Next Three Days Movie, 2010 US

■■■□ A boy is playing with Lego in the jail visits room.

The Office TV Series, 2005-2012 US

■■■□ Desk made with a Duplo clone brand

The Simpsons TV Series, 1989-2014 US

■■■■ References + a full episode in Lego

The Truth About Romance Movie, 2013 UK

■■□□ Sets and minifigs seen on a shelf

The Wizard Movie, 1989 US

■■■□ A kid plays with Duplo bricks

Totenfrau (Woman of the Dead) TV Series, 2022 AT

■■■□ Kid playing with Lego parts on a table

Tower Heist Movie, 2011 US

■■■■ Lego used to build a model of intended crime

Trophy Wife TV Series, 2013 US

■■■■ A kid receives a Lego Millennium Falcon and tries to build it with his mother

Varning för Jönssonligan Movie, 1981 SE

■■■■ The scene from the "Olsen-banden": Custom Lego Technic vehicle playing a role.

Veronica Mars TV Series, 2004 US

■■□□ Kid driving a Legoland car

Verschwende deine Jugend (Play It Loud!) Movie, 2003 DE

■■■□ Big Lego rocket

W labiryncie TV Series, 1988 PL

■■□□ Small Lego house

Yes Day Movie, 2021 US

■□□□ The angry mother steps on Lego parts among other toys

You, Me and the Apocalypse TV Series, 2015 US

■■□□ Some kind of building made by a kid

Young Sheldon TV Series, 2017 US

■■■■ A few Lego bricks used in a non-Lego train layout / Sorting bricks on a table

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