Lego® and other bricks in movies

30 Rock TV Series, 2006-2009 US

Liz and Jack build a Lego locomotive.

A Country Practice TV Series, 1981-1982 AU

A kid is building a Technic car

Äkta människor TV Series, 2012 SE

Lego Pirates set on a table

American Housewife TV Series, 2016-2017 US

Mom stepping on Lego bricks on the floor

Anna Holt - polis TV Series, 1996 SE

Lego sets laying around

Ant-Man Movie, 2015 US

A yellow brick is vacuumed at the same time as the main character

Antistrust Movie, 2001 US

Computer screen cases built in bricks

Bassie en Adriaan en de geheimzinnige opdracht TV Series, 1992 NL

VW Beetle from Legoland

Big Movie, 1988 US

Lego displays seen in background in a toy fair.

Big Momma's House Movie, 2000 US

Bricks seen amongst other toys in a box.

Blended Movie, 2014 US

A mouse sculpture seen in background

Brice 3 Movie, 2016 FR

Fake Lego set picturing the main character

Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Series, 2013-2014 US

A cop destroys the Lego house built by another

Capeta Animation Series, 2005-2006 JP

Set 2556 in an animation movie

Cattle Call Movie, 2006 US

Tyco's Lego-compatible telephone briefly seen.

Chronicle Movie, 2012 US

Boys test their superpowers with Lego

Citizen Khan TV Series, 2012 UK

A guy makes a mosque wedding plan in Lego

Date Night Movie, 2010 US

A kid asks to his father to play Lego with him.

Desperate Housewives TV Series, 2004-2012 US

A few basic parts taken by a character

Desu Nôto (Death Note) Animation Series, 2006-2007 JP

One of the main characters used Lego Minifigs to symbolize protagonists in the various plots that went on in the show.

Elf Movie, 2003 US

Main character creates Lego buildings for decoration.

Eric Church: Mr. Misunderstood Music Video, 2015 US

Lego VW Bus seen in background

Extracurricular (인간수업) TV Series, 2020 KR

A few Lego parts seen among batteries and other stuff

Flushed Away Animation Movie, 2006 US

Lego flowers and minifig head are seen.

Friends TV Series, 1994-2004 US

Child making a small Duplo tower.

Futurama TV Series, 1999-2010 US

Brick-built version of the main characters

Futurama: Bender's Game Animation Movie, 2008 US

Lego spaceship

Good Girls TV Series, 2018-2020 US

Planning a heist with Lego

Grisjakten Movie, 1970 SE

Lego used to explain a facility

Guys with Kids TV Series, 2012 US

A few bricks seen on a table

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Movie, 1993 US

Lego box visible on a shelf

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie, 1989 US

Giant blue 2x4 Lego brick.

How I Met Your Mother TV Series, 2005-2007 US

Giant building made by a child.

How to Be Movie, 2008 UK

A boy is playing with bricks (maybe Lego).

I ragazzi della 3 C TV Series, 1987-1989 IT

A few space sets and a large construction

It Movie, 2017 US

A kid drops a turtle made out of Lego bricks

James May's Toy Stories Non-fiction TV show, 2009 UK

A complete house build out of Lego bricks.

Jingle All the Way Movie, 1996 US

Lego display in a mall.

Johan Falk: De 107 patrioterna Movie, 2012 SE

Kid rebuilding a police building

Le grand bazard Movie, 1973 FR

Lego used to build a scale model of a supermarket.

Lichen Movie, 2012 AU

Batman's Tumbler

MacGyver TV Series, 2016-2017 US

Bricks used in a Christmas decoration

Malcolm in the Middle TV Series, 2000-2006 US

Several towers built then destroyed / Bionicle sets briefly used

Mammas comeback Documentary, 2011 SE

Close-up of some bricks

Manifest TV Series, 2018 US

References to Lego sets

Men at Work Movie, 2012 US

Tyco's Lego-compatible phone is briefly used

Modern Family TV Series, 2009-2010 US

A box of bricks falls in the garage / A Lego mosaic is shown

Mr. Mercedes TV Series, 2017-2018 US

Building bricks seen on a table

MythBusters Non-fiction TV show, 2003 US

Giant ball built out of Lego bricks.

NCIS TV Series, 2003-2008 US

Minifig used by a main character.

New Police Story Movie, 2004 HK

Long scenes in a Lego exposition.

New Tricks TV Series, 2003-2013 UK

Lego boat used to explain how drugs were smuggled.

Now You See Me Movie, 2013 US

Building replica for heist planning.

OK Go: This Too Shall Pass Music Video, 2010

A Lego car is involved as one of the steps of a Rube Goldberg machine.

Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig Movie, 1979 DK

Custom Lego Technic vehicle playing a role.

Our Idiot Brother Movie, 2011 US

Duplo (?) seen on a shelf in background

Papa ou maman Movie, 2015 FR

Technic helicopter and Architecture sets

Postal Movie, 2007 US

Two small Lego towers seen amongst other toys on a desk.

Problem Child 2 Movie, 1991 US

House replica made in Lego and destroyed.

Raising Dion TV Series, 2019 US

A kid builds a large character with bricks

Room Movie, 2015 CA

Kid playing with bricks

Route 132 Movie, 2010 CA

Duplo box seen amongst other toys

Searching for Bobby Fischer Movie, 1993 US

M:Ton box seen in background and some bricks on the ground.

Shameless TV Series, 2011-?? US

Kid playing with Duplo

Siedlisko TV Series, 1998 PL

Lego Technic crane

Silicon Valley TV Series, 2014-2018 US

A small assembly of parts used on a plan + a box seen in background

Sonda Non-fiction TV show, 1977 PL

Lego models sometimes used by hosts to popularize scientific and technical knowledge

Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie US

Guy dropping the Death Star set

Stargate SG-1 TV Series, 1997 US

Set 6339 in a kid's room

Stolen Movie, 2009 US

Lego train visible

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince TV Series, 2007 KR

Characters are playing with Lego.

The Big Bang Theory TV Series, 2007-2011 US

Sheldon builds the Death Star and a police station set.

The Box Movie, 2009 US

A kid is playing with vintage Lego

The Indian in the Cupboard Movie, 1995 US

Empty Lego box used

The Michael J. Fox Show TV Series, 2013 US

The youngest son of M. J. Fox has lots of Lego bricks

The Middle TV Series, 2009-2012 US

Lego bricks and sets are seen and used in several episodes

The Neighbors TV Series, 2012-2013 US

A kid is playing with bricks on a table.

The Next Three Days Movie, 2010 US

A boy is playing with Lego in the jail visits room.

The Office TV Series, 2005-2012 US

Desk made with a Duplo clone brand

The Simpsons TV Series, 1989-2014 US

References + a full episode in Lego

The Truth About Romance Movie, 2013 UK

Sets and minifigs seen on a shelf

The Wizard Movie, 1989 US

A kid plays with Duplo bricks

Tower Heist Movie, 2011 US

Lego used to build a model of intended crime

Trophy Wife TV Series, 2013 US

A kid receives a Lego Millennium Falcon and tries to build it with his mother

Varning för Jönssonligan Movie, 1981 SE

The scene from the "Olsen-banden": Custom Lego Technic vehicle playing a role.

Veronica Mars TV Series, 2004 US

Kid driving a Legoland car

You, Me and the Apocalypse TV Series, 2015-?? US

Some kind of building made by a kid

Young Sheldon TV Series, 2017 US

A few Lego brick used in a non-Lego train layout / Sorting bricks on a table

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