James May's Toy Stories

Non-fiction TV show, 2009 Origin UK Filmed in UK

■■■■ Important role

James May (from Top Gear show) built a complete house out of Lego bricks, with the help of many people. Sadly, that house was later demolished as it could not be transported to Legoland park as originally planned.
You can find more information on this topic of Eurobricks forum which evolved along the announcement, construction, life and death of the house.

The house
Image 1

The rooftop
Image 2

Image 3

Love Coffee table
Image 4

Lego Slippers
Image 5

Lego toothpaste and brush and shaver on top of a Lego sink (albeit of course since being Lego, it wasn't waterproof)
Image 6

Functioning Lego toilet
Image 7

Lego old style phone
Image 8

Room with British flag worked into the wall and a Lego chest
Image 9

Welcome Mat
Image 10

Recreation of James May's cat Fusker on top of a chair that as you can see didn't hold his weight
Image 11

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