The Middle

TV Series, 2009-2012 IMDB Origin US Filmed in US

■■■■ Important role

In episode 1.12, Axl helps his little brother Brick (!) in many activities. In one scene they are playing with Lego :

Image 1 Image 2

In episode 2.21, Brick plays with another boy :

Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

In episode 3.16, Brick is building a reindeer:

Image 6

In episode 3.18, a girl is building something while all the boys of the group watch her:

Image 7 Image 8

In episode 4.09, Frankie (the mother) works in a store and tries to hide Christmas presents that she'll buy later, but these are found by a co-worker. Two Lego sets are involved; first 6913 then 6912:

Image 9 Image 10 Image 11

In episode 8.09, Brick and other kids are playing with minifigures at the top of a wall built with Lego (or similar bricks).

Image 12 Image 13

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