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Sonda (1977)

Movie origin: PL
Filmed in: PL

Main goal of this show was to popularize scientific and technical knowledge of every kind, so to show some simple mechanisms sometimes hosts used Lego models.

Ep. 232 - 1982:
A few Duplo bricks have been used at the beginning to show the analogy between the building with the bricks and the ro-ro container storage.

Image 1 Image 2

Ep. 262 - 1982/1983:
Brick models show the simplicity of the forklifts design.

Image 3 Image 4

Ep. 367 - 1985:
Episode about the Lego bricks, their production and educational characteristics. Everything was filmed at the Danish Lego factory.
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Ep. 408 - 1987:
Image 5

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