The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점)

TV Series, 2007 Origin KR Filmed in KR

■■■■ Important role

Episode Five

Han Gyul gives to Eun Chan a little toy Lego robot.

Episode Six

Eun Chan is shown the back room, which houses Han Gyul's collection of Lego (he used to work with them in the States); he marvels at concept of playing with toys: "Here, I can do anything I want" They play with the Lego (in a cute moment, Han Gyul "corrects" Eun Chan for bringing a bulldozer toy into the mix, because it doesn't fit the time period of his horse-mounted knight-era setup).

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Episode Eleven

Eun Chan takes out the Lego toy Han Gyul gave her, and tells "Now I have to tell him. Right?" (Later) Eun Chan looks at her Lego toy while repeating Han Gyul's words to herself.

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